Short films

Friday, June 2, 2023


Genre: Fantastic

Duration: 29 min

Synopsis: Circe’s days are quiet on top of a cliff. With a cave dug into the rock as a dwelling and away from everything, he is known in the valley for his solitary life, his pig grazing and his skills of witchcraft.

Director: María Abenia

Cast: Petra Mundy, Samuel Cruz

The basket

Genre: Fantastic

Duration: 4 min

Synopsis: Dani finds the ideal town for his photo report. A suspiciously quiet town.

Director: Nacho Peña

Cast: Nacho Peña

DIGITAL 104. A retrospective

Genre: Short.

Duration: 28 min

Cold, David Sainz

Requiem for the party, D. Pantaleon

Absences, Juanjo Neris

Check Out, Octavio Guerra

The blessed dream, David Pantaleon

The best time, Raúl Navarro

Bubble, Juanjo Neris