Coming La Palma. The beautiful island.

La isla bonita

La Palma

La Palma – Islas Canarias

Declared a World Biosphere Reserve in 2002 by UNESCO, La Palma is one of the great natural wonders of the outermost Europe. An emerald heart forged of volcanic lava, a treasure full of surprises on the shores of the Atlantic…

But La Palma is more than just a unique natural paradise, it is also an island that exudes history, a crossroads amongst continents that has managed to absorb the essence of different cultures without renouncing its personality and traditions.

Perhaps because one of the great traditions of La Palma is innovation.

It was in La Palma where, in 1773, the first democratic town hall was established in Spain. It was still three years before the US Declaration of Independence, and more than a decade and a half before the triumph of the French Revolution, but in Santa Cruz de La Palma they had already decided it should be the vote of the residents of the municipality to decide who should be elected.

It was also in La Palma where, just a century later, the first telegraph in the Canary Islands began to operate. The same would happen with the electric lighting and the telephone, wits that had in the Isla Bonita its laying down in the Archipelago.

Another of the great scientific prodigies born in the nineteenth century, cinema, also came to the Islands by the hand of a pioneer of the seventh art born in Santa Cruz de La Palma: Miguel Brito Rodríguez. Although Brito Rodríguez presented in society the kinetoscope at the Mercantile Circle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, he would soon show the wonder of the moving image on his native island. It was July 31, 1897, date in which began a relationship between La Palma and the seventh art that has only strengthened over time: currently, La Palma is the Canary island with the highest percentage of cinemas per inhabitant and organizes every summer the Festivalito, pioneered in the diffusion of digital cinema in Europe and first International Festival to incorporate filming into its programming taking advantage of new technologies.

If you want to know more about this magical island, about its skies, about its people, about how
to get here or where to stay, be sure to check:

How to get to La Palma

You can travel to La Palma by direct flight from Madrid or Barcelona, or you can also get there by scaling, which is usually cheaper, taking a flight via Tenerife or Gran Canaria to La Palma.

Connections can be with the following companies:

Airlines: Canaryfly or Binter Canarias
Shipping lines: Fred Olsen or Naviera Armas.

For more information, we recommend contacting Viajes Insular. our trusted Travel Agency, with which we have been working with since the very beginning. They are very friendly and find rates that nobody can.

CONTACT: 922 411 110. Evelyn Vega: or Manuel Sarmiento:

Car rental

Festivalito has an agreement with:

Autos Oasis La Palma one of our partner companies and offers affordable prices to Festivalito

Phone: +34 922 434 409. Whatsapp: 627471111 Email:

Accommodation during the Festivalito

There are regular Festivalito hotels and apartments and some offer special prices for the participants. Some offers include breakfast and car rental. Try your luck and mention that you come to the Festivalito and ask if they apply a special rate. In any case, we detail the main accommodations in Los Llanos de Aridane, El Paso and Santa Cruz de la Palma (although in 2023, we will be in El Paso and Santa Cruz de La Palma) that have good prices and is where we usually stay. Although on the island you can find houses or flats for rent by days, bed&breakfast, hostel…

Lodging en El Paso

  • Hostel La Casa Encantada
  • Los Laureles

Lodging en Santa Cruz de La Palma y cercanías

Lodging in Los Llanos de Aridane and surroundings

Where to eat in La Palma

Although it is an exciting and tireless week of filming, from time to time it is advisable to stop to feed and take strength to continue creating and… Who knows!, maybe in that space of time or the place itself inspires you and you come up with a great idea… The island has a varied gastronomic offer in all its municipalities (discover, improvise, try…) where you can choose according to your budget, type of food, or the rush of filming… But here we recommend some establishments that we usually frequent every year.

Eating in El Paso

  • Tasca Barbanera. Restaurante. Av. Islas Canarias, 42
  • Bar Restaurante Cumbre. Parrilla. C. Antonio Pino Pérez, 8
  • Ali Doner Kebab. Turca. Av. Islas Canarias, 36
  • Taberna El Mayoral. Taberna. Av. Islas Canarias, 11
  • Bar El Americano El Paso. Cafetería. Av. Miguel Angel Hernandez Martin, 16
  • Bar Los Ángeles. Bar . C. Manuel Taño, 1
  • Food taxi El Paso. Hamburguesa. El Paso
  • Pizzería restaurante Yaracuy. Cocina casera. C. Vista Alegre, 2

Eating in Santa Cruz de La Palma

  • Restaurante La Chalana La Palma. Restaurante. Av. Marítima, 𝟱𝟱
  • Rincón del Enano Cocina y Brasas. Española. C. San Telmo, 1
  • El cuarto de Tula.  Bar de tapas. Av. Marítima, 48
  • Carlos Tasca. Parrilla. C. Anselmo Pérez de Brito, 9
  • Cinnamon | Gastrobar en Isla de La Palma. Bar. C. San Telmo, 2
  • Casa Tey. Cafetería. C. Apurón, 3
  • Eliseo Bar Restaurante. Cocina casera. Plaza José Mata, 0
  • Restaurante El Negresco. Restaurante. C. Anselmo Pérez de Brito, 47
  • La Isla de Goya. Restaurante. Av. Marítima, 51
  • Pizzeria Made in Italy | La Palma. Restaurante. Av. Marítima, 35c