The fantastic case of the Golem

Friday, June 2, 2023

Genre: Thriller, fastantic

Total duration: 96 min.

Synopsis: After a night of partying, David rushes drunk from a terrace before the helpless look of his friend Juan. David’s body hits the hood of a car disintegrating into a thousand pieces, but since no one seems to be scandalised, Juan sets out to discover what has happened. And so, he is immersed in a labyrinth of fleeting loves, unbreakable friendships and pianos that fall from the sky.

Director: Burnin’ Percebes (Juan González and Fernando Martínez).

Cast: Brays Efe, Bruna Cusí, Luis Tosar, Javier Botet, Anna Castillo, Roberto Álamo, Nao Albet, Roger Coma, Tito Valverde, David Menéndez