• Festivalito La Palma 2023

    Del 2 al 10 de junio

Festivalito La Palma

El Festivalito La Palma

The Festivalito La Palma - Festival de las Estrellas is a multidisciplinary festival that has creativity as its ag as an instrument of awareness and social change.

It has been held annually on the island of La Palma since 2002.

Through the seventh art, music and theater, their activities help us understand the universe, our relationship with nature, and who we really are.

We are not looking for answers. We just want to ask ourselves questions. I wish we learned to uninvent ourselves.

The Festivalito is not just a lm festival, it is a festival where cinema is made.

That's why La Palma Rueda lming contest is the main section of the Festivalito.

In the rest of the sections, artisan lms are screened (Cinerama), festivals and concerts are mounted (Festivalito Sonora) and activities are carried out aimed at training and promoting the meeting between artists and emerging professionals (Festivalito Lab).


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